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 days off [open]

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PostSubject: days off [open]   days off [open] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 12:02 am

days off [open] 1zoukx2days off [open] W12qoj

Nova Brantley
Nova exhaled once she reached the top of Temple Hill, scanning the perimeter. Green grass had faded into a pale mess of pressed plants that left an unflattering taste in the girl's mouth as she searched for a place to sit. Her light colored jeans would stain on most things, but the demigod held a blanket under her arm so she could read without worry of staining her clothes. Deciding upon an area covered by pine trees and their needles, she walked over, ignoring other demigods milling around.

Seating herself down surrounded by the scent of fresh pine and worn books. The Great Gatsby was one of her personal favorites, and she had nothing better to do on her day off. Cracking open the front cover, she heard the pine needles shift, and cast her gaze upwards.

"these are the hands of fate,"

days off [open] Nwlth1

"you're my achilles heel."
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days off [open]
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