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 dasushi6's non-sushi characters

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PostSubject: dasushi6's non-sushi characters   dasushi6's non-sushi characters I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 11:48 pm

Name: Elizabeth-Lillian(Liz or Lilli) Blanc

Age/Birthday: 12/May 17

Gender: Girl

Godly Parent: Flora, goddess of flowers and personification on spring

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: Francis Blanc(father), Bethany Blanc(step-mother)

Years in Camp: 1

Rank: Probatio

Cohort: N/A

Brief History: Elizabeth-Lillian was born to the Frenchman, Francis, in California. Her father had always called her "sa petite fleur délicate", or his delicate little flower in French. She had always lived a posh life, being the daughter of a famous actor who had an odd love for roses. Liz had always been homeschooled, and her tutors had noticed her having a hard time of reading words and she was a hyperactive, little girl, so she was deemed ADHD and dyslexic when she was about five years old. Two years after being dyslexic and ADHD, her father married a co-actress in his 15th movie, Bethany Garretts. Immediately after their marriage, Bethany started acting ignorant towards Liz and Francis and Bethany started having a lot of fights while Liz was watching, and this made Liz become a cold and distant lady. One day, Francis told her about the Roman gods. Liz was confused on where her father was going, but then he explained about Camp Jupiter and demigods. She then started protesting about his saying that the supernatural beings were real, but then Lupa appeared before them. Liz then started believing her father's words and trained with Lupa 'till she deemed Elizabeth-Lillian worthy of Camp Jupiter.

Physical Appearance: Liz has a doll-like look to her, having seemingly perfect wavelets in her blond hair and big brown orbs. She's about 5'0", and usually has a cold, distant, and blank gentlelady-look plastered on her round face. Liz also gets sunburns easily because of her pale skin, so she can be frequently seen with sunscreen slathered all over her body. Her slim build and doll-face doesn't make training hard, though. In her wavy hair is a cherry-blossom clip that she had gotten from her mother(yet, she didn't know that)on her 9th birthday, and it is never taken off, unless bathing or sleeping.

Personality: Liz is very cold and demanding towards others, acting as if they were her servants. Though it may not seem like it, she's very clumsy and gets flustered very easily. Liz is also very polite and has a lot of etiquette. She hides her feelings very well, but if you eye-read her, you may just be able to find a hint of any emotion. Liz also has a green thumb when it comes to flowers, for when Bethany was planting flowers, Liz decided to make a mini flower garden. All her flowers grew into vibrant blossoms while most of Bethany's either wilted, or died before they could bloom.

Fatal Flaw: Elizabeth-Lillian's fatal flaw would be her distance from others around her. She wants to be left alone and try to do things herself, and that makes her an easy target for monsters when they find her alone without any other people.

Pets: None, but Liz used to have a few canaries.

Talents: Liz has a knack for growing flowers, for they usually grow vibrant and lively, thanks to Flora. She also has a talent for fake crying, which made her usually get her way. She also has some powers similar to Ceres' kids, like growing things on command or making vines wrap around something, but they have to have any kind of flower or a flowering plant. The vines also usually have some buds on them too, but she hasn't discovered any of these powers.

Weapons: Liz has an Imperial Gold dagger that transforms from her cherry-blossom hair clip when she says, "Auctus!" which is "growth" in Latin.

Other: Elizabeth-Lillian has a slight French accent, which sometimes makes speaking in Latin hard to understand for her peers when she decides to speak in that particular tounge.
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dasushi6's non-sushi characters
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