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 Never stop (Open)

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PostSubject: Never stop (Open)   Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:21 am

Caspian was one of the best sword fighters in camp, that much was true. Was he the best? Debatable. But he was good. That didn't mean that he wasn't going to try to get better though. Which, logically, was why he had his cutlass out and was tearing apart a few practice dummies. Most of his attacks consisted of a stabbing motion, which not only cut into the training dummy with the clean blade, but also tear then apart with the serrated edge on the opposite side of the sword. He stopped for a second, looking over the carnage he has wrought in the Circus Maximus. Stuffing, dummy head and limbs were scattered around. Training dummies were all well and good, but he really needed a person to practice with.
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Never stop (Open)
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