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 The son of Clitumnus

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PostSubject: The son of Clitumnus   The son of Clitumnus I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2014 12:23 pm

Name: Karl Larsen
Age/Birthday: 17. 25.09.97
Gender: Male
God Parent: Clitumnus((Roman rivergod)) ((
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: Mom: Anne Larsen
Years in Camp:0
Rank: Probatio
Explanation of Higher Rank:
Cohort: 5th
Brief History: His mom anne larsen wanted to take a little out of the ordinary experience of Italy so she went to the Clitunno river. She met Clitumnus in his temple next to the river while she was visiting a nearby village. They had a quick affair before she continued to travel trough Italy and then went to America where she had moved to as a student and was now working as a doctor. Karl was born in California as a norwegian american. His mother was mostly busy troughout his youth and as a child with dyslexia, adhd and asperger syndrome well school was hard for him. He spent most of his young years practicing martial arts Akido and Eskrima to be more specific. He specialized in staff and double stick fighting over the unarmed versions. He also trough a lot of work liked to read quite much despite the difficulties he had with it. Unlike most demigods monsters did not start hounding him before he was much older then most. At the age of 16 he ran away from home after a attack by a Cyclops. He soon met a wolf on his way after he left the city of Los Angles. The wolf lead him to Lupa who then started his training. He soon managed to adapt the training by the wolf with his own previous experiences with martial art. he then made his way to camp Jupiter that was rather uneventful and when he arrived he was assigned to the 5th cohort since he had no letter of introduction.
Physical Appearance: He has a classical well trained martial arts physique. he has black hair, black eyes and he is generally really regular but something about his looks seems weird. He seems just creepy with no quality that really points out why. He is not ugly but he is not pretty either and well he has a very common face.
Personality: He is as you can see from his fatal flaw a proud being. He refuses to use hydrokinesis or any other power he would have gained from his heritage in combat unless it is an absolute emergency since he wants a complete physical victory over them.He can be a little rash if he is excited but most of the time he tries to be as cautious as possible. He is kind of a lone wolf because of his asperger syndrome so he has a hard time being with people. He hates small talk and will just drop out of a conversation if small talk occurs. He can be quite aggressive towards people if they touch him or does something particulary annoying but most of the time has a lot of restraint.
Fatal Flaw:Ambition and Hubris
Talents: Excellent dual blade fencer and staff fighter but mediocre at the use of only one blade. Terrible at social interaction and understanding human behavior. Good at reading despite his dyslexia mostly trough practice. A great swimmer which is not weird since he is a son Clitumnus. he is an ok unarmed fighter good enough to hold his own but not good enough to defeat a master of the art. He is utterly basic in any ability to control water he has. Since he never put any work into developing those abilities at all he just barley knows anything about using water for any purpose. He is also a little skilled in tinkering with stuff at least good enough to make a small locking mechanism in the pummel of his two gladius. He can also speak norwegian fluently including to english
Weapons: Two imperial gold gladius with a modified pommel which can be put together into a staff. They are longer then most gladius but not as long as a spatha
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PostSubject: Re: The son of Clitumnus   The son of Clitumnus I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 13, 2014 2:31 pm

Just a side note, we normally are the ones to assign cohorts, but you chose a cohort that fits well to your character so it's fine by me.

Hayden|Apollo|13|2nd Cohort
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The son of Clitumnus
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