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 Worlds We Create

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PostSubject: Worlds We Create   Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:51 pm

Oh, you aren’t one of hers. You must be Guest she told me to expect you. Who is she? She is the creator.  The one who calls herself Artemis Evans.  She is one you call in your world a writer and these are her creations.  Now please do not get too close.  Her creations are jumpy,  adapting to their new forms.  Her creations believe they are in a place called Camp Half Blood, where the “good” people are, or at the camp of a man the creator has deemed the enemy, a man by the name of Kronos, the titan lord of time who wishes to rule in place of those the creator deemed okay, the Gods.  There is one other place the people may believe themselves to be and that is the place of the Neutral ground, Imperium. This is where her people who wish not to fight for either side go for no war is truly black and white. The creator will allow someone she calls the Interviewer to talk to each of her creations. To see who they think they are.  Please be careful though, this place is ever shifting and ever changing and you might lose yourself on the way out.

Creation One:
Alena Taylor Smith-Williams
Daughter of Nox
___ cohort(was 3rd cohort)
16 Years of Age

Creation Two:
Kaylin "Kaylee"  Savannah King
Child of Mercury
_____ cohort(was 2nd cohort)
15 Years of Age
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Posts : 3
Join date : 2011-12-20
Age : 21
Location : In a place where all time has stopped and the good are destroyed, You will find me, A white rose in a sea of red.

PostSubject: Re: Worlds We Create   Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:04 pm

Oh, Hey.  I didn’t see you there. What do you want? You want to interview me?  Wow.  Kay then.

Awesome. First question, what is your name?

It’s Alena, Taylor,  Smith-Jones

Nice name, I wanted to avoid this question but are you a boy or a girl?

I’m not going to punch you.  You look like you have been punched a lot over that question. I am hopefully obviously a girl.

Yes you are obviously a very pretty girl . . . third question, how old are you and when is your birthday?

Thanks for compliment but you should know these are technically the third and fourth . . . Anyway   I’m 16 and I was born on June 30th I think it may have been the 29th as I showed up a little after midnight.

Nothing like punctual parents.

Got that right.

Next question who is your god parent and are you claimed?

Again with the double questioning . . .My mother is the goddess Nox, goddess of Night and yes she claimed me one night at dinner one to two years ago.

Do you have any mortal family?

I have my father Carson Smith-Williams, his wife Amelia Smith-Williams and her son and friendly demingod Peter.

Oh o.k. . . How many years have you been at camp?

I have been at camp ever since I raced across the border three years ago.

What is your cohort and rank?

I am a proud member of the …  and a probatio

Niceness. .  What is your history?  What brought you to camp?

I was raised in sunny Oakland, California, the port city.  My dad was a businessman who had gone on a rare vacation by himself to go hiking in the mountains.  He comes home after a few days and resumes his life.  It isn’t until nine months later my mother shows up on his doorstep with me in a blanket of woven shadow.  I believe he fainted.  They talked, she talked and some how she talked him into raising his daughter.

My father never saw her again after she left but he did raise me.  I had a great early childhood.    It was fun and often my father’s weekends and me were not complete without looking at the stars. But sadly all good things come to an end and my father remarried when I was six to Nicole Marion, a fashion designer who cared about her clothes more then she cared about my father.  Their marriage ended in a year and with it went my father’s good will.  Our playtime had ended it appeared.  

Over the period of the next five years my father would remarry to three vile cows who had no tolerance for my demigod tendencies and simply wanted my father for his money.   Over that period of years  I was expelled from four different girls academies and I often left the schools as my father left his wives.

But then there was Miss Amelia and her son Peter.  It was the first time one of my father’s girlfriends had a kid but really Ms. Amelia was different.  She taught me how to control my shadow power and my sleeping habits became better with Ms. Amelia.  It was the first time I ever felt loved by someone other than my father.  It was also the first I ever went to public school. But Bad things happened to Ms. Amelia.  She often came home with bruises and scratches.  Once I saw a hoof mark on the front of the car.   It wasn’t until me and Peter were almost killed by a hellhound did Ms. Amelia came clean.

She told my father about Peter’s father and how we were different then normal.  She told him about a house a wolf house that would keep Peter and me safe.  Father was adamant about it but eventually he relented anything to keep his family safe.  So Peter and I packed our things and were dropped off on front of the ruins of the Wolf House.  My story from there is pretty self- explanatory.  Peter and I made it through the training by Lupa and eventually made it to Camp though Peter still has this strange fear of wolves.

Wow.  Wow. On that note what is going on your life now?

Me and Peter are becoming better friends.  We helped heal our parents’ marriage that had been strained by our departure.  I’m going to public school here in San Francisco.   My father and Ms. Amelia moved here to San Francisco and are currently sporting a new baby.  Yay.  Big sistering sucks.  Other then that it’s camp for me.

Your eyes are pretty, what is your Physical Appearance?

Thanks.   I get my eyes from my mom.  My dad said that through the drunken haze he was enveloped by her eyes. Black and soulful with only a peek of blue to signify the night.   I have light toned skin from my dad who is darker then mom who was pale.  My hair is a brown red color.  Not sure who I get that from.  I’m not tall like my dad I’m sorta average when it comes to height.  I’m a dancer so I’m really limber and flexible and not really a bony skinny. See?

Yes I do see. . .  What is your fatal flaw?

My fatal flaw is that I hold grudges forever.

So how do you describe your personality?

Let’s start with three good words, passionate, independent, dynamic. I am fiercely independent. I like to think that I am able to accomplish anything I put my mind to and I won't give up. I am perfectly suited to being on their own. I’m not a  social butterfly, in fact I’m surprised that I’ve talked to you so much.  I like to be in control.   When it comes to my friends I’m known for my possessiveness and jealousy but on the other hand,  I’m extremely loyal.  I have an excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go, I can hold a grudge against someone forever.

Do you have any powers and talents?

I’m a dancer as such I am able to move quickly and dodge my larger enemies.  I have night vision.  I see perfectly well in the dark. . . well as normal as I would see in the day since I’m  awake at night anyway that’s rather helpful.   I can manipulate shadows.  It’s easier at night harder in the day.   Much harder in the day.  In fact I’m surprised I go out in the day at all.  As my powers get better I am much more tired in the day.

Do you have any weapons?

I have one weapon, my kris knife.  It is made of imperial gold with a short black hilt engraved with the words  tesoro lama.  The words mean darling blade and it fits does it not?

Scary, Do you have any pets?

Peter and I are sharing a black lab named Con, a gift from father.

Well I’m all out of questions

That’s cool.  I had fun.  And you listen well.

Bye Alena

Bye Reporter Boy

Interviewer’s Note:  Alena is really cool and calm.  She carries a sort of elegance about her.  Despite what she says I think she talks a lot.  History is still rough around the edges.  Doesn’t really talk about her mom.   Can’t help but think she feels bitter towards Dad.   She takes compliments well better then some others I won’t talk about.  I didn’t get hit.  Whooo! Go Nox children!  She kept yawning during the interview but yet she stayed fully attentive. Saw blade very  very scary
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Location : In a place where all time has stopped and the good are destroyed, You will find me, A white rose in a sea of red.

PostSubject: Re: Worlds We Create   Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Worlds We Create   Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:33 pm

ACCEPTED into the 3rd cohort!
It was your original cohort anyways so I might as well

Hayden|Apollo|13|2nd Cohort
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PostSubject: Re: Worlds We Create   

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Worlds We Create
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