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 Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters]

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PostSubject: Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters]   Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters] I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 11, 2013 12:58 pm

Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters] Jenna-Louise-Coleman-009

Winter Amelia Quay
"Winter Amelia.”
Winter Amelia Quay.
“Because my parents were idiots and named me Winter, call me Amelia or Quay, please. If you don’t you’ll add nicely to my pile of ice people.”
"I am fifteen years old." 
February 24th
"Girl. 100 percent sure I’m a girl." 
God Parent:
God of the north wind, equivalent to Boreas in Greek mythology.
Mortal Family: 
“My older brothers, Nikolas and Marcus, and my mother and adoptive father, Claire and Charlie." 
Nikolas Quay (Older brother) 
Marcus Quay (Older brother)
Claire Quay (Mother)
Charlie Quay (Adoptive father)
Years in Camp:
"Let’s see here... one?" 
One and a half.
Explanation of Higher Rank:
Brief History:
“My mother and father were so happy when I was born.”
Claire Quay had always wanted a little girl, since the moment she had a baby sister. She knew that she had wanted one herself. When she got married to the love of her life, Charlie, they tried for a baby. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and Claire had two miscarriages before their first son, Nikolas was born. Claire loved her baby boy with all her heart, and she the mother everyone had expected her to be.  Charlie and Claire tried again for a baby girl shortly after Nik was born, but again, another miscarriage. Claire Quay was in a depressed state, as she could never have a baby girl that both she and Charlie had wanted.
But then they found out three years after Nikolas was born that Claire was pregnant again. This time, they hoped, their child would be a girl. But fate had cheated them again, and Claire gave birth to another son, whom they named Marcus. When Charlie went to the doctor’s for an annual checkup, he learned that he was sterile, and could no longer father children. Which meant that their dreams of holding a baby girl in their arms were near impossible. Claire didn’t want to adopt, because that would take to much time and the child would never really love them. So then add a surrogate man, named John, who had offered to help Claire achieve the baby girl she’d always wanted.
Soon enough, Claire’s prayers had been answered when she gave birth to her daughter, Winter Amelia Quay. John had said that the only contact he’d want with winter was when she was fourteen, when he would reveal himself to her. Charlie and Claire agreed, just happy that they finally had a baby girl to call their own. Little did they know that John was actually a Roman God named Aquila, and their daughter was a demi-god.
Winter had a good childhood, and she enjoyed every minute of it, despite being overprotected by everyone in her family. She was named Winter because of the month she was born in and how fragile she looked, just like a snowflake that could be crushed. But she was like her mother and father in spirit and made the most of every second of everyday because she never knew when something bad was going to happen to her. Overall Winter was a curious and intelligent girl learning everything she possibly could. The only thing that made getting good grades hard was her ADHD and dyslexia, which delayed her reading as much as she would have liked.
So everything was fine and dandy for our friend until she turned fourteen, at which time John, her surrogate father, appeared at their house and reveled his true identity to Winter, who then politely told him to go away and slammed the door in Aquila’s face. Winter thought that the crazy part of her life was over. Oh little Winter, your problems are just beginning…
Monsters came. First it was just creepy stares from various people, and Winter could handle that, she always had and plus her parents taught her to be nice to everybody, treat others how you want to be treated, that kind of stuff. But then people started to sneer at her and Nik and Marcus each day. Charlie had called the police, but they did nothing because technically they weren’t breaking the law. So this continued for about a month or so, when finally the Quay household was attacked one night. And it wasn’t just a regular night. It was Christmas, and Charlie and Claire had taken the kids to London as a special winter treat. Harpies had attacked the family just as they settled in to watch Christmas movies all night long. Needless to say they all fought off the monsters…
Everyone lived, and for that Winter Amelia was the happiest girl on earth. But she couldn’t bear the thought of any more harm coming to her family because of her and her lineage. So when again they reached home in America, winter called up Aquila and told him that she believed everything he told her. Plans were arranged for the god to come and pick his surrogate daughter up and take her to a camp where harm-hopefully-wouldn’t befall her. And that is the tale of how little Winter Amelia Quay ended up at the endless grounds of Camp Jupiter.   
Physical Appearance:
“My mom tells me I’m as unique as a snowflake, though I don’t think I am.”
Winter Quay is a tiny, birdlike figure of a girl, made of only skin and bones. She has dark brown hair that settles on her shoulders. Winter likes it parted on the right. Winter was born with her hair curly, but on days when the humidity was bad or it just looks good with the outfit she’s wearing, she’ll straighten it flat. In eighth grade, she dyed the tips of her hair blonde, just to be different from her dark hair and eyed family. Periodically in her dangerous lifetime, Winter will continue to dye her hair.
Just like her hair, Winter’s eyes are a dark brown, almost black. Her irises blend in with her black pupils, making it seem like they are one continuous color, though it isn’t. They are big and curious, bent on learning everything she can about her powers and roman mythology. If you asked Winter to say one body part that popped out at her, she’d say her eyes because they are striking.
Her skin is china white, just like snow. Winter’s skin is what makes her seem like she could break any second, like and nudge or bump or push could make her split into millions of tiny atoms that could never be put back together. Because of her fragileness, everyone treats Winter like she’s glass. Also, she’s relatively short for her age, only 5 feet and barely hitting two inches. Winter is very self-conscious about her height.
Winter Quay likes to wear modern clothing. Very much her mother’s daughter, winter tends to wear tighter fitting, bright clothing. Anything that catches her eye she tends to wear. Like any girl her age, Winter has a closet dedicated to just shoes, though she had to leave 90% of them behind when she went to camp. Sometimes you can catch her wearing the camp T-shirt, but only as a nightshirt or for a workout or training. Winter believes in a little bit of makeup around the eyes, and maybe a dab of lip-gloss here or there, but she doesn’t overly use anything. Really, all she adds to enhance her beauty is eyeliner and mascara and Winter is ready to face the day.    
"I’’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug." 
What Winter lacks in height she makes up for in her personality. Where she seems to think that she herself is dull and lifeless, other would disagree, especially her family. They think she’s a delight to have in the household. Marcus says she intelligent, Nik adds that Winter is funny. Charlie thinks his daughter is friendly and Claire recalls her child being feisty as a toddler.
First off, about the intelligent thing. Winter is able to speak Latin fluently. She loves to learn; she soaks up information like a sponge. But because of her ADHD and dyslexia, it’s hard for her to read English. Rather, she’ll read the language the romans used. Latin. She’s very bright for her age, her IQ being somewhat high for a child her age. Though winter is not a child prodigy as her parents might think. Winter is also pretty funny, adapting to any kind of humor that one might have. If you’re having a bad day, count on Winter Quay to brighten your day! Wow. Did not mean for that the rhyme… Furthermore, Winter is a overall friendly person. She’s not one for being mean and when she is, she gets over it pretty quickly as she hates holding grudges. But make fun of her height or her family, and Winter will bring out her claws of ice and snow and ferocity. Yes, Winter Amelia is as feisty as a tiger. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, which is good, considering she’s a demigod.
But while her family thinks Winter is the best person to ever grace this earth in the entire history of the world, others think otherwise, of course. They say Winter is violent and secretive and manipulative. Though, this is all with reason.
Winter, though feisty, can also be violent. But this is only when somebody threatens her or the people she loves. Her violentness can also be considered protectiveness. Winter only keeps secrets to protect others, and she has been bottling up more and more information until finally she will explode. But she’s been keeping more secrets ever since she’s arrived at camp. The only reason why Winter would be manipulative is because of the way she was raised. Winter Amelia expects the world to revolve around her, and she’ll do anything necessary to get what she wants. You could call being manipulative being spoiled, though Winter says she’s not either.
Fatal Flaw:
“Hey, got to admit them at some point, right?”
Winter is very spoiled, though she will deny this every time you bring it up.
"The female Jack Frost.” 
Winter Quay isn’t that uncommon of a demigod, and neither are her powers. Because of who her real father is, Winter can blast ice and snow from the palms of her hands, and, depending on how strong her emotions are at the time, can be pretty dang powerful, though Winter doesn’t believe in fighting. Continuing on, Winter can also drop her body temperature to 25 degrees. Lastly, Quay can turn into a blizzard tornado, though this weakens her considerably and she’s only been able to use it once every couple of weeks. Overall, Winter has no clue how to use her powers and she’s just beginning to harness the ice within her.
“What, so you expect me to have some cool, high tech bow and arrow?”
Winter Amelia Quay has the standard sword and armor that every demigod at Camp Jupiter gets.
Winter Amelia Quay is straight. FC is Jenna Louise-Coleman.

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accepted, third cohort

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Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters] Nwlth1

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Through the Stars and night [Sceletus' characters]
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