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Camp Jupiter is the sister site of Camp Half-Blood
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 Legionnaire Ranking System

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PostSubject: Legionnaire Ranking System   Legionnaire Ranking System I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 09, 2011 1:56 am

The Legionnaires are campers that have been accepted into the legion and proven themselves to move past Probatio (which is the rank of a camper that has joined the legion but has yet to prove themselves.)

All members will start out with a rank of "Probatio". This means that all of your characters are also probatio ranks. You have to earn your spot as a Legionnaire, which means that you have to prove yourself. And to do that, you must have been on camp Jupiter, as a member for at least 4 months. At this rank you will have "SPQR |" by your name. After that, you will gain a strip for each year your are apart of Camp Jupiter.
As for your characters, they have it differently. The 'probatio' rank will only be in place for those characters who have been at camp for less than one year. After they have been at camp for more than one year (at the age of fourteen) , they may enter the 'Legionnaire' rank, with one stripe on their arm. There will be a section in the character template asking how the camper achieved this status.
Things that would allow the camper to gain this status could be anything really, from helping lead the cohort in war games, or something smaller, like doing extra chores for someone. Now, this could take a little longer for some of the campers, due to personality traits, but remember to keep track of the stripes on their arms. For example, someone who came to Camp Jupiter at the age of thirteen most likely achieved the status at fourteen, and is now sixteen, so they would have two stripes.
As for being Centurion, that rank will only go to cohort leaders, because it is simpler that way.
If you have any questions about the Legionnaire Ranking System, feel free to ask!

updated as of 10 - 15 - 13
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Legionnaire Ranking System
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