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 my charactors Morgana Freeman rfa

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PostSubject: my charactors Morgana Freeman rfa   my charactors Morgana Freeman rfa I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2013 12:58 pm

Name: Morgana freeman
God Parent: apollo
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: misty freeman (Murdered)
Years in Camp:3
Rank: Probatio
Explanation of Higher Rank: n/a
Brief History: She was born in alexandria virginia then she moved to california to live with her grandmother misty.She ran away when she was nine and with help found the wolf house and proved herself worthy to come to camp.She has been here ever since because her grandmother was murdered by Jonathan depp jr.She wanted to take part in the trial because she seen the murder happen but she didn't.
Physical Appearance: She has a slight hunchback and because of that she is 4'4".She has blue eyes under her pink glasses.She has blonde hair down to her shoulders.She has a slightly burned face because of her grandma.She likes to dress like a cowgirl.
Personality:She is kind and caring to her family and friends.She is mean to anyone who tries to get in her way.She is very smart but boastful.She is also very impatient but she is also a clutz.every time she get hurt it is because she is a klutz.she is also very emotional.She is loyal to her friend and family.
Fatal Flaw:excessive personal loyalty
Pets:black cat named fireball
Talents:singing dancing and healing.she can heal 3 inch deep cuts but she can also heal broken bones.She can only heal twice a day.she has to wait 3 hours to use it again because it tires her out
Weapons:bow and celestial bronze arrows and a celestial bronze sword
Other:she is a klutz and usually gets hurt everyday and she knows 3 langues
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my charactors Morgana Freeman rfa
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