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 everyone's growing up around me

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PostSubject: everyone's growing up around me   Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:01 pm

lol lazy bean, character topics are supposed to look nice.

Hayden|Apollo|13|2nd Cohort
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PostSubject: Re: everyone's growing up around me   Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:27 pm


Name: Meet Ginevra Katia Hayden, who answers only to her surname. She has no nicknames.
Age: Hayden is turning 14 in March.
Birthdate: She was born on the 6th of March, 2000.
Gender: Female, despite her unisex last name.
Immortal Lineage: Hayden’s father is Apollo, god of the sun and music. Hayden does not know this yet, but she intends to find out.
Mortal Family: Hayden’s mother is the late Beatrice Hayden, as she has been for two years.
Years in Camp: Hayden has been at camp for three years.
Rank: Probatio
Cohort: 2nd
History: Hayden was not a cared for child. Her mother wasn’t fit to take care of a little kid. Only 25 when she had Hayden, Beatrice did not have an easy life. She used to be the soul of every party she went to (this is why she attracted Apollo), but her child prevented her from doing the things that made her happy. Beatrice’s parents had died young, leaving her with a decent amount of money and no other family members. This made her life so much easier, as Beatrice never got a job. Because Beatrice had no responsibilities until she had Hayden, she did not learn how to be responsible. Soon after her first and only child had been born, Beatrice started to fall into a crippling depression. She took it out the only way she knew how; on those around her. As a child, Hayden was greatly mistreated by her mother. Beatrice ignored her, and got mad easily. Hayden learned to care for for herself from an early age. Although life was already harder than most people had it, at age five, Hayden started to get visions into the future. They were not major, just small visions, for instance, who would win the next soccer game she was playing in (Hayden lived in such a small town that she could walk around by herself at the age of 7). These came hand in hand with splitting headaches, and it was often so bad that the young girl would  drop whatever she was doing at the time. Hayden still thinks of this as more of a curse than a gift. Hayden was so terrified of her powers, at age 7, Hayden tried to drown herself in a pond, yet a mysterious man pulled her out. Hayden speculates that the man might have been her father, but she has never talked to him since then and doesn’t know.

Hayden’s mother eventually became unfit to be parenting, and the neighbors noticed. They called social services, but before the social workers could actually take Hayden away, she was kicked out by her mother. And the last words Hayden would ever speak were to tell her mother that she hated her. This is Hayden’s deepest regret, that her last words were full of hate.  After her mother kicked her out, Hayden spent 2 years on the run through the Nevadan Forests until a veteran found her and brought her to camp. During her years on the run, Hayden came in contact with strep throat. Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal, but Hayden had no medicine and the white blood cells in her throat abandoned her voice box to fight infection. Hayden lost her voice. Later, Hayden found out her mother was killed by someone she was drinking with. She had no regrets.
When Hayden was 11 years old (a year into her stay at camp), she got into a fight with another camper (a son of Sol) who shortly afterwards left camp. He was a powerful demigod, and got mad easily. This boy was so frustrated with Hayden that he used a ray of sun to blind her. Hayden had no defense against it, except to turn away. But she wasn’t fast enough and the sun caught her right in the left eye.
Appearance: Hayden is pretty, but she isn’t the type of girl to be concerned with her appearance. She finds it a waste of time and thinks of looks as very deceiving.
Hayden’s hair is caramel colored and naturally wavy. It is long and silky, and the outside looks a little puffy, for it is concealing the inside knots because Hayden refuses to brush it. Hayden doesn’t like to let her hair grow much farther past her shoulders. Hayden’s face is often dirty, as she tries to draw as much attention from it as possible. Hayden has Heterochromia iridum, as one of her eyes is brown, and one is a blue with a brown rim. Hayden dies her hair in streaks, not to stand out, but to be different. Hayden does not want to stand out in a crowd, but she does not exactly want to blend in either.
Personality: Hayden is a tomboy. She likes wrestling and goofing off. After she lost the vision in one eye during a fight, Hayden dislikes loud noise, and she became a little more reserved. Now she seems like the quiet kid, the one who doesn’t like people. Hayden tries her best to be ignored, but at the same time, a part of her yearns to be different. She does not trust easily and is often too quick to draw her sword. That isn’t to say that Hayden is pugnacious, but she is too weapon happy for most people to stand. Hayden often pisses people off with her inability to communicate, and all she has for those people is a bruise. To make up for the things she lost, Hayden feels that she must become physically strong and tough so that she can compensate. Hayden thinks people won’t respect her if she is not stronger than them. Hayden is stubborn, but prioritizes and does not lose sleep over giving up on things that she doesn’t care about. Hayden can often be ruthless, not caring whether people lived or died. This is because she thinks that if they get killed, they die for a reason. This all changes as soon as Hayden finds someone she cares about. There aren’t a lot of people, but Hayden is very protective of the people that treat her well. Hayden often does not let people treat her well because she assumes the worst of people. She is not incredibly trusting of people, but Hayden does try to seclude herself from becoming friends with too many of the other demigods. She does not trust people easily after all she’s been through. While Hayden was running away, she felt very alone. This has made her a more solitary person, and she will not go out of her way to fraternize with other people. Because Hayden is mute, she often feels that her language barrier stands in the way of her even becoming friends with other people. There are some others who have learned to read sign language, but Hayden has trouble communicating with the majority of camp, and often gets frustrated when she can’t. Her patience level is not as high as it should be, given her trouble communicating with other people.
Fatal Flaw:   Hayden has massive trust issues, and has trouble relying on other people for help, even when she really needs it.
Pets: None.
Talents: Hayden has an excellent sense of space and is good at fighting solo. She is generally pretty good with animals, although she often scares them away. Hayden used to be good at singing, but as she cannot, this is no longer a talent.
Weapons: Hayden has a sword that she was given to by the veteran who brought her to camp. She does not let it out of her site.

Hayden|Apollo|13|2nd Cohort
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everyone's growing up around me
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