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Welcome to Camp Jupiter!
Camp Jupiter is the sister site of Camp Half-Blood
Please read the rules and updates before making your characters or posting, due to improvements in the site. Thank you!


 demigods r us [denarii shop]

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PostSubject: demigods r us [denarii shop]   demigods r us [denarii shop] I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 5:39 pm

The Denarii System is identical to the Drachma system of our sister site, Camp Half-Blood. Denarii is Roman money that you earn for posting, making new topics, being on the site, etc. These aren't just for bragging rights, though. Like most forms of money, you are able to purchase EXCLUSIVE items only available with Denarii for you or your character!

Shopping List:
• Character Value Pack. Price=10,500 Denarii
(Includes: Extra character slot, extra Big Three character, one Special Armor, One Power-boost, and one Weapon-up. This is actually cheaper than buying all separately.)

• Extra Triad. Price: 5,000 Denarii
(Would you like another child of either of the Triads (Jupiter, Mars, Quirinus, Juno, or Minerva? Buy the Extra Big Three character slot!)

• Extra (regular) Character slot. Price: 4,000 Denarii
(Have another idea for a character but out of room? Buy another character slot!)

• Special Armor 3,000 Denarii
(If you have special armor in mind for your character, this is for you.)

• Power-boost. Price: 2,500 Denarii
(Do you want to boost your character's powers or abilities? Buy this item!)

• Weapon-up. Price: 2,000 Denarii
(Do you want a more powerful weapon? Buy this Weapon-up!)

• Pet Purchase Price= 1,000 Denarii
(Do you want your character to have a  powerful pet? Well look no further!)

• Color for the week! Price= 900 Denarii
(Do you want the member's group to be the color of your choice for one whole day? Well then buy this item!)

• Signature Graphics. Price= 300 Denarii
(With this you can buy any kind of hand made graphic your your signature. Whether it be your name, a picture, or even a method of coding, buy it with this item.)

• Mystery Prize! Price=100 Denarii
(Self explanatory. This is a mystery item that changes for each person.)

Once you have decided what item you would like to purchase with your Denarii, fill out this form:

After you're filled out that form, PM it to an admin and wait for your transaction to be completed!

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demigods r us [denarii shop] Nwlth1

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demigods r us [denarii shop]
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