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 face claims [read or die]

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face claims [read or die] Empty
PostSubject: face claims [read or die]   face claims [read or die] I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 9:48 pm

face claims [read or die] G4nibc4

<div style="text-align: center; text-transform: lowercase; font-size: 11px; line-height: 90%; color: Grey; font-family: georgia;">Please register for a play-by on here for any characters that have specific play-bys! Thanks much!
The universal code to post your claim in is:

Celeb Surname, Celeb First Name - Character's Name (USERNAME)

To let us know which list to put your celeb on, please include Male or Female.

Please check to see if a play-by is being used before making a character with one. If you would like to see if a specific play-by is being used, you can use the Ctrl + F option (Command + F for Macs) and type in the celebrity's last name or first name. Play-By's currently being shared will be tolerated, unless the members work out something different, but sharing isn't allowed from here on out! So check back often and claim your Play-By's!</div></center>

face claims [read or die] PVpkTWb

<div style="text-align: center; text-transform: lowercase; font-size: 11px; line-height: 90%; color: Grey; font-family: georgia;">Accola, Candice - Undetermined (Faith Lehane)
Ainsworth, Cassie - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Ann Woll, Deborah - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Ann Vergara-Paras, Lalaine - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Arnold, Florrie - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Agron, Dianna - undetermined (faith lehane)

Bellisario, Troian - Character's Name (ML)
Benson, Ashley - Underermined (Balisugar)
Bosworth, Kate - Antonette Trixipiv (FudgeeBear)

campbell, danielle - undetermined (faith lehane)
Castro, Raquel - Aria Summers (Faith Lehane)
Carpenter, Charisma - Aelia Ash (Faith Lehane)
Chow, Kelsey - Rowena Knight (Balisugar)
collins, lily - unknown (faith lehane)
Cosgrove, Miranda - Charity Clark (pinkrose555)
Coleman, Zendaya - Holya Logan (Echo92)
Cyrus, Miley - UNKNOWN (arty)

Dennings, Kat - Undetermined (Aura)
Dewan, Jenna - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Deyn, Agyness - Cora Sullivan (anttu)
Dobrev, Nina - Unknown (Faith Lehane)

Edwards, Perrie - Autumn Marx (Username)
Evancho, Jackie - Tia Green (Faith Lehane)

Fanning, Dakota - Ginevera Hayden (Bean)
Fanning, Elle - Unknown (Faith Lehane)
Ferrel, Kayla - Jazlyn Addams (Lily)
Forteza, Barbie - Natasha Miche (FudgeeBear)
Foy, Mackenzie - (Balisugar)
Fuhrman, Isabelle - UNKNOWN (Pandanote)

Gillan, Karen - Autumn Jackson (pinkgirl)
Graham, Kat - unknown (faith lehane)
Greene, Ashley - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)

Hale, Lucy - Jasmine Breeze (Balisugar)
Henley, Georgie - Unknown (Dreamer)
holt, claire - unknown (faith lehane)
holt, Olivia - Kit McKinnon (Eona)
Hudgens, Vanessa - Destine Leeos (eona)
Hyland, Sarah - Carmen Lee(Balisugar)

Jackson, Paris - Lilac Canterbury (<3)
Jenner, Kylie - undetermined (pinkgirl)

Keene, Mimi - undetermined (faith lehane)
kendrick, anna - undetermined (faith lehane)
Kerr, Miranda - undetermined (pinkgirl)

Lawrence, Jennifer - (ML)
Lavigne, Avril - UNKNOWN (arty)
Liberato, Liana - Undetermined (Aura)
Lloyd, Cher - UNKNOWN (arty)
Louise-Coleman, Jenna - Winter Quay (scelestus.)
Lovato, Demi - UKNOWN (arty)

Mavor, Freya -undetermined (pinkgirl)
Michael, Sinead - Charisma LeVelle (Faith Lehane)
Mitchell, Shay - Ariana North (Balisugar)
Mortez, Chloe Grace - undetermined (pinkgirl)

Oman, Teresa - Victoire Pettijon (Aura)
Osment, Emily - Harper Blackburn (Aura)

Pahk, Kerti - Corinne Rowan (Eona)
palvin, barbara - ariadne leonis (cher)
Perry, Katy - unknown (Hawk)
Pieterse, Sasha - Undetermined (Cher)
Poots, Imogen - (Pandanote)
Pope, Casadee - Alexis Ryan (* saphirre)
Popplewell, Anna-Esmerelda Johnston (Esmerelda Johnston)
Poxlietner, Lights - Undetermined (Aura)

Ramm, Haley - Character's Name (Aura)
Reed, Crystal - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)
Robb, Annasophia - renae hufford (Moon)
Roberts, Emma (Pandanote)

Scoldelario, Kaya - Lux McBride (Eona)
Stenberg, Amandla - Nephele Mckiney (Aura)
Steinfeld, Hailee - Mckenna Mirren (Aura)
Stewart, Kirsten - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)

Tractenburg, Michelle - Joy Rieu (Faith Lehane)

Villegas, Jasmine - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)

Watson, Emma - Brynne Carson (Moon)
Williams, Hayley - undetermined (pinkgirl)
Winstead, Mary Elizabeth - Marika Aliyah Spini (Pandacat)
Woodley, Shailene - UNKNOWN (Pandanote)</div></center>

face claims [read or die] URb2Tyq

<div style="text-align: center; text-transform: lowercase; font-size: 11px; line-height: 90%; color: Grey; font-family: georgia;">
Ackles, Jensen - Undetermined (Aura)
Aiken, Liam - UNKNOWN (Arty)
Artist, Jacob - UNKNOWN (Arty)

Barnes, Ben - (Pandanote)
Bilyk, Luke - Undetermined (Cher)
Boyce, Cameron - Alec Wright (Hawk)
Brendon, Nicholas - Lucan "Luca" Johnson (Faith Lehane)
Butterfield, Asa - unknown - (Hawk)

Collins, Misha - Amos Killian (Aura)
Crawford, Chace - Undetermined (ML)

Dixon, Colton - Jovan Smith (Hawk)

Eccleston, Christopher - Eric Everhared (Doctor Who)
Efron, Zac - Undetermined (Cher)

Felton, Tom - Unknown (Colleen)
Ford, Colin - Undetermined (Aura)
Foreman, Jon - Tiberius Blair (libowy)

Garfield, Andrew - (ML)
gustin, grant- undetermined - ML

Harding, Ian - Undetermined (Aura)
Harries, Finn - unknown - (ML)
Harries, Jack - unknown - (ML)
Haynes, Colton - tyler thane (cher)
Hemmings, Luke- idek when i'm using this claim (ML)
Henrie, David - Damian Channer (Libby)
Hensworth, Liam - Andrew "Drew" Star (<3)
Hewer, Mitch - Undetermined (Hawk)
Horan, Niall - Alec DiLaurentis (ML)
Hutcherson, Josh - Talen Hastings (ML)

Jessup, Connor - UNKNOWN (bean)

Keynes, Skandar - flynn straz (Moon)

Lachowski, francisco - liam reynolds (cher)
Larsen, Karl - unknown (Caedus)
Lerman, Logan - unknown (ML )
Lloyd, Harry - (Charlie)
Luna, Miles - Andrew Epsilon (Gazimu)
Lynch, Ross - Shizune Chibi Vulcanus Decimo (Lord Blazy)

Mison, Tom - Ezio Marce (Wicked.)
Munther, Ulrik - Undetermined (Aura)

O'Brien, Dlyan - unknown - (ML)

Pattenson, Robert - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)
Payne, Liam - Unknown (Kenzie)
Reeves, Keuna - Libby
Posey, Tyler - unknown (ml)

Radcliffe, Daniel - Unknown (Calle)
Rodriguez David - Alexander Westfield (GreekGirl)
Roy, Drew - Honor Barret (libowy)

Smith, Doulgas - Unknown (Hawk)
Smith, Matt - Jimmy Rayne (Doctor Who)
somerhalder, ian - UNKNOWN (Faith Lehane)
Styles, Harry - Simon Fox(Calle)

Tennant, David - Rassilon Daldrup (Doctor Who)
Tomlinson, Louis - Jake Adams (Cher)
thwaites, brenton - xander larkin (moon)

welsey, paul -unknown (faith lehane)</div></center>

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faith lehane
faith lehane

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face claims [read or die] Empty
PostSubject: Re: face claims [read or die]   face claims [read or die] I_icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 4:59 pm

I'd like to unclaim

kendrick, anna - undetermined (faith lehane)
graham, kat - undetermined (faith lehane)
greene, ashley - undetermined (faith lehane)

and add

roberts, emma - undetermined (faith lehane)

please and thank yoou
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face claims [read or die] Empty
PostSubject: Re: face claims [read or die]   face claims [read or die] I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2015 5:42 pm

I would like to claim Popplewell, Anna-Esmerelda Johnston (Esmerelda Johnston)
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Lord Blazy
Lord Blazy

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face claims [read or die] Empty
PostSubject: Re: face claims [read or die]   face claims [read or die] I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 3:56 pm

Added! Don't forget to post a Character Submission, and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Welcome! :D

Shizune Chibi Vulcanus Decimo, Son of Ira, Descendant of Vulcan, First Cohort, 16

Ichigo Ragnar Sullivan, Legacy of Jupiter and Chaos, Second Cohort
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face claims [read or die] Empty
PostSubject: Re: face claims [read or die]   face claims [read or die] I_icon_minitime

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face claims [read or die]
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