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 "Perfect" Characters

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PostSubject: "Perfect" Characters   "Perfect" Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2011 8:45 pm

Nobody likes perfect characters, do they? Well, we have a name for those type of people. "Mary and Gary Stus". Obviously, that's a character who is perfect, or has no or little flaws. So, here's what a Mary/Gary Stu may look like;
i am mary stu wrote:

Personality: Mary is so loveable! Everybody just wants to hug her! She's a ball of joy, and she's always making people feel better. Nobody hates Mary, not even the crudest people. Mary is always up for adventure, and never gets hurt. All of the guys like her, and she has the perfect boyfriend, Gary. She's rich and spoiled, but she doesn't act like it. Mary is just an amazing girl!

That is horrible! No character is that amazing, right? So, obviously, you have to watch out for this during the personality section, but what about appearance? This is not what you want to do;

i am mary stu wrote:

Appearance: Marry has long, luscious, blond hair that is soft and silky. She has bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her skin is perfect and she is gorgeous. Everybody admires her amazing looks. Mary is tall and thin and has the perfect body. She's a model, too!

Also, watch out for fatal flaws! Hubris and any of the 7 sins are what most people do. Trust issues, indecisiveness, easy temper, and things along the line of this are OK, too. But, please do not make it a very minor or a ridiculous flaw like "is liked by everyone, and that makes her feel claustrophobic," or anything of that sort. Fears and allergies cannot be fatal flaws.

So, you've got the basics of what a Mary/Gary Stu is, right? Oh, well, that doesn't mean have your character the exact opposite! That's just as bad, and can even be worse. You want a character to have flaws, but don't make a character entirely out of them. Here's an example of an Anti-Mary/Gary Stu in both appearance and personality:
i am anti gary stu wrote:

Appearance: Gary is disgusting. He looks old and has no teeth. He has an extra eye and four ears. His nose is big and he's always dirty. Girls think he's gross. Gary is obese, and eats too much. A pig. Gary has the worst health, and hates how he looks
Personality: Everyone hates Gary. He's a loner and he's dumb. Nobody has ever loved him and Gary doesn't care. He pushes people away, and they push him right back. Gary has always been teased on, and he hates it. Gary is just useless.

We don't want any of those types of characters. They're no fun to roleplay with, right? So, try to find a happy medium of those two!

Thanks for reading,
Angel, Dan, Nico, and the rest of the Camp Jupiter staff!

Credit to Lovely, (AKA Moo, Music) for writing this.
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"Perfect" Characters
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