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Welcome to Camp Jupiter!
Camp Jupiter is the sister site of Camp Half-Blood
Please read the rules and updates before making your characters or posting, due to improvements in the site. Thank you!


 Character Information

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Character Templates and Information

Step One
Create a topic named something like "Guest's Characters"

Step Two
Use any of the following forms to make your character (but you are free to add more information, as long as you have the basics of these forms).




Regarding Special Characters

Powerful Demigods
Big Three and First Cohort demigods have special requirements. Juno, Vesta, and Diana are off limits due to the fact that all three are maiden goddesses. However, you are free to have a hunter of Diana. But remember, males cannot be hunters - hunters are strictly female.

You allowed to have only one character whose parent is a member of one of the Triads, or belongs to the First Cohort. A "Triad" is a group of three that are worshiped and renowned in Roman culture more than any other god. These two Triads include:

Archaic Triad: Jupiter, Mars, Quirinus.
Capitoline Triad: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva

In order to have a child of the Triads, the  First Cohort, or Certain Titans you must...

  • Have over 500 posts in the forum.
  • Be a member for at least two weeks.
  • Be an active part of this community.

Before posting your character in your character topic, you must first message an outline of the character to an admin. It has to be accepted by that admin and you must state that your Triad character was accepted by the admin in your character topic.

First Cohort
First Cohort Characters will count as children of a Triad, and require the same standards. (see above.) Yet, you may have one big three demigod ( or titan) as well as one First Cohort Character. However, if your First Cohort Character is a child of a big three god, you may not have both.

[size=11]Demititans are half mortal, half titan. Certain Titans will require between 250 posts, to more than 500 posts, depending on the power of the titan. A list will be posted before more information is given. Take note that you may have one character in the First Cohort, but only one offspring of a triad member or a titan. However, if your First Cohort character is the descendant of a titan, that will not be allowed.

Titan Information:

Roleplaying Before Acceptance
Roleplaying before your character is accepted by an admin or mod is objectionable. Please try to be patient, we will put in our best effort to accept your character ASAP!
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Character Information
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